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Choosing a Registrar - What Should We Look For in a Registrar?


Aaron Lupo

I think the better question is how many Registrars/Notified bodies are ISO Certified/Registered. I know that the RAB, RvA, JAB, etc... will audit the Registrars/Notified Bodies to make sure they are complying with the Standards.


ISO guy,

I am not so sure about your comments about RAB, RvA etc. auditing the Registarars. What kind of audit are the registrars subject to? How do they insure they are complying with the standard if they are not auditing them to it? They must have some standard they go by. Has anyone ever seen a registrars corrective and preventive action system? Read their Quality Manual? And if they are audited by some other means, so what? There are plenty of industries that are subject to various audits for compliance issues and they take the initiative to ALSO be ISO 9001 registered.

To my knowledge, there are NO registrars that are registered to ISO 9001. Why not? After all, we are supposed to be using the standard for continuous improvement of our goods and services, right?

I have worked in a facility that the criteria stated to be an approved vendor required a registration to ISO 9001, or an audit performed by me (the Quality Manager). Every audit by the registrar looked at the approved vendor list with their name on it and they never said a word.

Sounds pretty much like the fox gaurding the henhouse to me.
Oh well, just some food for thought.
In the meantime I am in the market for a registrar for my new Company. Think I will be able to find one that is registered?



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There are a couple of RAB Registrars that are registered to ISO 9001. Just go to the websites and find them.

I personally have performed a 3rd party audit on a Registrar. They have certain guidelines they are required to meet to be certified to issue certificates to ISO standards.:bigwave:

Al Dyer

Re: I'm Bilingual now!

Originally posted by energy
Al D.

Descargué su cuestionario del secretario. Eso trae el número de sus
referencias a seises. Una pregunta me ha sorprendido. Los
secretarios cargan generalmente al cierre fuera de nonconformances?
Apreciaría su respuesta en español. Tenga una poca diversión!
Guarde en acarrear!


Translated that reads:

I unloaded its questionnaire of the secretary. That brings the number of its references to seises. A question has surprised to me. The secretaries load generally to the closing outside nonconformances? He would appreciate his answer in Spanish. Have one little diversion! Keep in carrying!

Explain por favor!:smokin:


Captain Nice
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Yes - there are a number of registrars which are themselves registered.

The RAB does what they call 'Witness' audits where an RAB rep accompanies the registrar on a registration audit. They just watch and say nothing. The RAB also peruses a registrar's records (yearly?) as in an audit.

Aaron Lupo

Yes there are numerous Registrars that are ISO certified. The RAB RvA etc... also audit the Registrars office. You think your company goes through lots of audits try working for a Registrar. I do and have been through a witness audit for 9K2K no less. Yes there are lots of bad Registrars out there but there are also very good Registrars also if you would like a couple names let me know.


I'll take some names

ISO Guy,

Currently, I have been tasked with the Registrar selection plan. While I feel it's way too early, Mgt. doesn't. Have you got anybody within an easy commute to Connecticut? One who we can work with? ;)
I have a list from our consultant, but I would like to see if any of yours are on on his list. Do you think that the consultant gets a finder's fee for getting one of his nominees chosen? Makes no difference to me. A couple of rounds of golf, nice dinner, nice hotel and some tickets for sporting events at our fantastic Civic Center should do the trick:biglaugh:
Wadda u think?:confused: :smokin:


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This thread made me curious about registered registrars. We all are familiar with the Quality Digest Registrar Survey. I took the top five in each of their catagories and added our registrar and our top five that we looked at and did a WORLD PREFERRED SEARCH based on the addresses given and found that I had15 different companies and none were registered to any standard. I did find 3 that were, but I did not do a search on all 60 +. The three that I found were ABS, Moody and SGS. If you are QS, are you going to have to get a new registrar? Talking about customer pressure. Happy Turkey Day to ALL :lick:
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