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Choosing a Registrar - What Should We Look For in a Registrar?



Re: my purist viewpoint

Originally posted by Lucinda
Buying a cheap and easy registration is like eating bar-b-que with no beer. *shutter*

Do you think for one moment that the Customer cares who your Registrar is? Not! That only matters to the "Purists":truce:

Buying an expensive and difficult registration is eating bar-b-cue brushed with Dom Perignon! It's a big waste and won't taste any different, except to those who imagine it does.:bigwave: :smokin:

Lucinda, Ask yourself this question; Is the registration for me or is it for the company?
You can demand perfection, you can demand that everything be black & White, you can demand strict compliance with requirements with stern consequences, but there is one thing you can not do, and that is achieve certification by "force feeding" through a hard line audit process. The registrar and the auditor have virtually no bearing on whether or not you attain certification. All they do is check the homework and grade the papers.
Now, if your really set on getting a hard line auditor I suggest you call the registrar of your choice and ask for the "auditor from hell". Every registrar has at least one.

Aaron Lupo

Re: my purist viewpoint

Originally posted by Lucinda

Registration is expensive. If all a company wants is a piece of paper to hand to clients and doesn't care about anything else, then a cheap registrar who only carries RAB accreditation is good enough.
Registration does not have to be expensive. That is a sad view point that you consider a Registrar that has only RAB certification as no good. So correct me if I am wrong, but a Registrar that only has RAB accreditation in your view point can not have good auditors, and the more accreditations a Registrar has the better their auditors? Do you realize that for every Accreditation your Registrar has they pass the cost on to you.
Your companies reputation isn't going to be enhanced any more than any other company. I have never heard anyone request an ISO cert. from their vendor and then say "this is good, but now we want you to change registrars to a more affluent one"
Just a thought. Maybe there is information out there that can hlp us. Quality magazine runs an annual survey of registrars. If a registrar is listed way down, maybe I would choose to audit a supplier who uses them.

Also, if we name names on this board maybe some of the registrars lose business and go out of business.

If a supplier uses a poor or disreputable registrar, and customers choose to audit anyway because they know that the registrar cannot be trusted, then the supplier is not saving any money.
If we let them know that this is the reason they are being audited, perhaps they will choose to change registrars, or the registrar will clean up its act.

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feels like gang rape

Go ahead, beat me up. But yes, I will choose to run with the big dogs when the time comes. We have international operations, need an international registrar, and one whose name carries weight with our clients. And I will ask for the assessor from hell.

This company hasn't learned the meaning of quality. There are no warm fuzzies here. This is something we are doing because the cost of NOT doing it is too much. It will take a big stick to make changes. It will take someone stronger than Mr. Rogers to impress on these people that they need to be doing all these things that they think they can get away from doing. I don't want someone who will say "well, you meet the minimum req's of the standard so there is no reason to do anything more than what you are doing."

And as I've stated before, I have no faith in the RAB accreditation (any more than I have faith in some registrars). Been there, done that, and they are a joke. Not that a company might have good assessors - but who can tell? Only RAB has looked at their system. A registrar is about more than the assessor. I want UKAS accreditation. For my registrar to carry, and for my cert to carry.

I used to track the costs of each registrar (not the little ones, but the ones with a credible client base) and there was not so much difference. The difference is in market perception. And you are fooling yourself if you think that other people don't know the rep or non-rep of your registrar. I heard more times than I can count that a company chose XX to be their registrar because it is recognized in their industry. Or that they chose them because the company they supply to uses them. Obviously these people thought it made a difference. I know of many companies who came to my former employer from a no-name to get better service and to "move up the ladder".

And speaking of cost and reputation, etc., what kind of car do you drive? What kind of dishwasher do you have? What kind of camera do you use? It's called "fitness for purpose". Quality. Exactly what I've been saying here. It just depends on what you are needing from registration.

A registrar who only carries RAB accreditation may have good assessors, but who can tell? Only RAB has looked at their system. (and I've stated before that RAB is a joke. ) There is more to a registrar than the assessors. I want UKAS accreditation for my registrar, and for my cert. Not perfect, but heads above RAB.

I refuse to believe that I will get something cheaper from a company because they "saved" money on their registration. This is a pass-down cost? Filtered through how many widgets? Wow. I guess that would amount to a 1 cent savings to me for buying 100 widgets. Thanks, but I would rather have a credible certification so that I didn't have to audit them myself so much.

Whatever.:agree: We will all do what makes sense to us.

And energy, I would never drink a sparkling wine with bar-b-que! I save that for my Belgian chocolates.:vfunny:


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One Size Does NOT Fit All

The bottom line to me is that each company has different needs. I have had clients that wanted big registrars and some who didn't care. A Navy facility I did some work with wanted UL. Their reasoning - unimpeachability (If UL says OK, it must be because everyone trusts UL and UL is percieved by most people to be totally 'independent').

Most any more are smaller companies and their concern is limited to price (which means a small local registrar when available).

On the no paper end - hey - if you don't need or want the paper, but you want to be able to connect your company to the ISO 9001 bandwagon in some way, that's fine.

One of the things I really love about these forums is that the more I read the better I understand how each company is an individual with individual needs. And even after all the messages in all three sets of forums software I have used, my learning never stops.

Lucinda - Welcome to the Cove Forums! The Land of Opinions! Sometimes very strong opinions. Some of my posts approximate a Southern Baptist Sermon... You've brought up some excellent points in this thread and I hope you don't really feel too 'beat up on' (the title of your last post threw me a bit - I can see the headlines now: "Woman Accosted In Cove Forums! Extra! Extra! Read all about it!") :bonk:

I'd say more - but there's nothing I can add that hasn't been addressed. Excellent discussion thread! :thedeal:


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Originally posted by JRKH

Also, if we name names on this board maybe some of the registrars lose business and go out of business.
Use names all you want. I like to see names. As long as facts / experiences are cited along with the opinion.

If a registrar goes out of business because they're deep sixed in a thread or two in these forums, I'll eat my hat - or a hat made of candy. Heck - Perry Johnson would be out of business if these forums held any significant sway - someone's always knocking Perry's company here.

If one really did go out of business because of things said here, they probably really deserved to go out of business. Of course, they'll probably sue me because I run the forums and they'll claim some type of conspiracy. :thedeal:


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Is UKAS listed on the NYSE or something?:confused:

Lucinda sounds like someone trying to sell a used Yugo in Detroit.:eek:

IMHO the only registrations worth a crap are done by Registrars certified in Iran, Iraq, or Yemen. Nobody is going to influence or buy them off. No sir eee.:biglaugh:

How about Mexican Registrars? Or the Danes, Germans, Canadians, Japanese. How about a Swiss Registrar, Italian, So. African, or any other nationality? I guess they are all crappy too.


I remember something about the Greek word "isos" which means equal. The same here as there.

Welcome to the Cove Forum Lucinda sweety.:bigwave:
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