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Choosing an ISO 9001 registrar with auditors familiar with our industry


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Thanks Golfman25 for your feedback.

We have one supplier that we know is troublesome, but we don't have anyway to quantify this - are they getting better or worse?, is there a problem only with certain parts?, are the changes they are making really improving things? One thing I've learned is people tend to remember things that are painful for them personally, so if I ask someone what suppliers are the biggest problem they tend to tell me the suppliers that cause them personally the most pain(e.g. I had to talk to 15 people and couldn't get a straight answer and I was really frustrated = painful vs the parts were bad so I put them aside and moved on, or they looked good at incoming but failed further upstream = not so painful) not necessarily which suppliers cause the most problems or most frequently deliver bad parts(e.g. What costs us the most $, etc).

Having said that I really like the approach you recommend - I really like this forum, seems to have a lot of common sense people that think in terms of business not just quality. I think you may be right and I'll try to stop using "because ISO said we have to", to get things done and try to make a business case more, although that will mean I'm not taking the path of least resistance. I suspect although it will be more painful in the short term it is probably the better long term approach(we do things because it makes good business sense not because ISO tells us to).
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