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Choosing QMS Software for Aerospace Company

First time to post here...I've been a Elsmar Cove viewer for years but never had the need to post. I have read through a lot of threads concerning QMS software but I haven't seen what I'm looking for. That in itself concerns me so I've decided to ask the question.

I work for a small multi-site company that does a lot of manufacturing, both electrical & mechanical for the aerospace industry. We have grown significantly in the last year and our manual QMS processes (utilizing Microsoft Excel) have become so cumbersome that we are seeking to automate them through QA Software. Because our ERP system is Deltek Costpoint, we have been looking at TipQA as it's the recommended software to work with Costpoint.

In particular, we want to manage the following processes within QMS software: MRB, in-process & receiving inspection plans, calibration, corrective actions, supplier management (metrics and reports) and possibly auditing. We are AS9100 and AS9110 certified. We have discussed the possibility of a home grown solution but because of a time crunch due to a major contract award, we really need a canned solution with a 3 month or less implementation time. One other concern is that because many of our technical data packages are export controlled and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) , I do need to watch where our data is stored. I've found some nice apps that would work wonderfully for creating inspection plans/checklists that save the data in the Amazon cloud that isn't FedRAMP compliant.

I've got the budget to purchase what we need but I am very nervous of choosing the wrong software. I have a little data that shows that TipQA isn't a favorite but no details. I would love some feedback on TipQA and any recommendations as an alternative. We had a consultant who was familiar with our current ERP system to recommend either TipQA or ETQ which is another reason for the TipQA push.

John Broomfield

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If the software (TipQA) fulfills your selection criteria then go ahead with the free trial.

It would be good to have your experience of whatever software you choose posted here.



Mike S.

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TipQA is, in my opinion, awful. Not intiutive, clunky, overcomplicated, and requires internal and external "experts" to constantly be troubleshooting problems. It was supposed to save us money over our old "home-grown" QMS system of MS Office and paper-based documents and I would say it cost us a huge bundle instead. IMO, avoid it like the plague.

- a 5 year TipQA User


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You might take a look at EstiTrack, it does more than what we take advantage of, but I really like that it has calibration built in. E2 has QMS modules but when they tried to sell me on it a couple years ago it was not good, basically like downloading templates people google.
I took a quick look at qmsWrapper for my needs. We are a small company working on becoming ISO9001:2015 certified. This software seemed to be specialized for the medical industry though.
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