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Chrysler Gage Standard - Gage standard for all Tier II stamping gages



Hi Guys,

This would be my first post here, not so long ago I came across this great resource and did join some time back but never had an opportunity to login.

Anyway, I have a question about Chrysler gage standard and was hoping if you can help out.

First, Chrysler SQE is saying that we should use gage standard for all Tier II stamping gages, which we are fine with.

Question I have is, Feeler sizes for surface and trim check, Can I use 5mm for surface and 10mm clear for Trim checks? Gage standatd does talk about 3.0mm feelers but I am not sure if that is the case for all kind of parts. These gages will be for chasis components, just in case if you need to know.

Your experience in such matters and pointers would be of great help.
I am a quality manager and now in the RFQ process for the FCA project. If you are okay, can I get the gage standarde for all Tier II stamping gages from you, jigsaw123 ? If you do that, it will be very appreciated. Thank you.


Captain Nice
Staff member
Note that this thread was started in 2008, approximately 10 years ago, and didn't get a response other than Corey's attempt to prompt someone to respond. Hopefully someone here can help if only with information of where to obtain gage standards for Tier II stamping gages.
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