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Circled-Z symbol on a syringe — what is it for, what does it mean?

Gut feeling is just the initial non evidenced feeling you get with sufficient experience - as randy said, there's nothing wrong with it.

The problem is the large number of non compliant imports that are on the market

Ronen E

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I'd say gut feeling is the result of subconscious risk evaluation... which is useful for (at least) 2 reasons:
1. It works really fast - important in situations where you need to decide and act quickly to survive (as Randy mentioned); and
2. It allows access to more mental resources - both conscious and subconscious. We remember far more than we are aware.

The problem with gut feeling, especially in professional life, is tractability - we don't have full access to the reasoning and therefore can't properly examine or challenge it.

So - I think gut feeling is a good indicator where to look further and what to look for, then - where it matters - the issue can and should be looked into in an orderly manner.

As an example, in this case my gut feeling tells me that there's something fishy about the CE marking. It should be easy to check it in an orderly manner and reach a valid conclusion, but personally I have no reason to do that so I leave it at that.

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