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Hi everyone,

I work for a company that is in a mixed use building like a communal property so this building controls for temp/ventilation/pest for all the companies renting the space.
We are trying to classify them as a supplier.

But we don't know what rank to classify them as and how to do it.

Anyone have any experience with such suppliers?


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Ranking can only be done according to your procedures (which we obviously don't know).

What's the risk of them not performing?


The risk to your medical device and the extent of the controls you have. Since you have decided to operate from such a location, your risk management of purchasing would have covered these.
I am not aware here about the criteria for your supplier ranking. Your risk management output must help you decide the rank...


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I'm not convinced that you need to classify them as a supplier; I would suggest that they are addressed through "provision of resources".
In the 3 or 4 medical device companies that I have worked for, the Landlord was never classified as one of our suppliers for QMS purposes.
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