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Clause 4.19 Servicing - Mold Makers and do produce some parts off customers molds



I just sent my manuals for review prior to assessment for QS. I stated NOT APPLICABLE.
We are Mold Makers and do produce parts for some customers off thier molds. Service is not mentioned in contracts. Am I right?

Howard Atkins

Forum Administrator
Staff member
Do you sell your molds to your customers?
If so do you have a warranty agreement etc.
If so you have some responsibility as to servicing IMHO (In My Humble Opinion).


Captain Nice
Staff member
Yeah - I believe the convention now is to look at warranty work as a form of 'service', though that was not the case a few years back.

It's sorta like Customer Supplied Product used to mean stuff consumed in the process and/or product - Now includes returnable packaging and such.
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