Clause 4.5 Retention of Reason for Change


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From: ISO Standards Discussion
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 05:15:09 -0600
Subject: Re: Questions on ISO9000 4.5 /../Hankwitz/Kozenko/Hankwitz

From: "Hankwitz, John "

> Subject: Re: Questions on ISO9000 4.5 /Raffy/Hankwitz/Kozenko
> From: Write9000
> > > For 4.5 Document and Data Control - it states that where
> > > practicable, the nature of the change shall be identified in
> > > the document or the appropriate attachment. Does this mean
> > > that on a cover page wherein the "Description of Change" was
> > > indicated, Do we have to be more specific on what particular
> > > number that was been revised or changed. e.g. revise item
> > > # 3.1, 3.2 or update item # 5.6... and so on. In our
> > > application, we make use of the word "general revision" even
> > > though there were only few paragraphs that was changed on
> > > that particular document, instead of the specific on the
> > > example given. Please advise.
> Raffy:
> Agree with John's response, but need to add an important
> point that will help put perspective on how to record
> "changes to documents" of any nature.
> No where does the Standard require that "pertinent background
> information" be circulated with every change, or any change...
> just that it's available to reviewers. An appendix electronically
> recorded with the procedure or other document is an easy way to
> solve "where to put it" in the event no other reasonable location
> crosses anyone's mind.
> David Kozenko

David is so right. Keeping the reasons for the change are important for tracking purposes. In our case, the reasons are recorded on our Change Request form which is filed along with the review & approval copy of the new revision. The reasons are documented to the extent needed to clearly communicate what and why the changes were made.

John Hankwitz
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