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Clause 8.2.2 Determining the requirements for products and services


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Clause 8.2.2 Said (When determining the requirements for the products and services to be offered to customers, the organization shall ensure that: ...)

for a factory produce a TV the Quality department write their procedure to cover the clause 8.2.2, the procedure define the customer as distributor and how the company receive their requests (Quantity, specification, delivery time ....etc)

My Questions is
1. Is clause 8.2.2 is dealing with direct customer who buy from the company or include end user who buy from the distributor and use the products ?
2. In clause 8.2.2 what the mean of determine the requirement
Is this mean determine the requirement of customer when he make an order
the company should determine the requirements and characteristics of products and services to be available inside the company and customer before provision of services

John Broomfield

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The service and product requirements are determined usually by some form of design process that specifies the requirements for marketing (R&D), electrical safety (regs), purchasing parts, assembling the TVs, packaging the TVs, preparing the user manuals, selling the TVs and monitoring the experience of users and other customers.

The Quality function may exist to oversee this entire process and support it with an effective management system and/or to work in a lab testing components and analyzing failures to improve design.



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but i notice most of procedures that written to cover the clause 8.2.2

were prepared on the basis of
1. make a request form to register the request of customer
2. Review the request

is it enough ?

requirements specified by the customer

requirements not specified by the customer but necessary for the specified or intended use, when known

requirements specified by the organization (you)

statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the products and services

John Broomfield

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Involve those who know the process to write your procedures so they describe what actually happens.

...then compare what actually is done with the standard and engage the process team in making any changes.

Writing procedures around clauses in the standard is not the way to go.
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