Clean Data - Process Duration



I am new to Minitab and love to learn new shortcuts.

I have determined the cause of errors in my data set but i would like to clean the data.

The data consist of process duration which has alot of errors because of registration failure by the operators.

I have chosen to go with I-MR chart since it is continuous data and n=1. The data contains 1000 observation registered by our meassurement system.

Question 1:
I was wondering if there is a fast way to clean data in regards to LSL and USL?

Question 2:
Is it right to go with I-MR chart our should i gather some of the data in larger samples?

Question 3:
I like to use the search function in Minitab for various problems but are there other links which is helpful in regards to get better at Minitab?




1) Regarding question 1: Do you want to remove the values outside the range [LSL, USL] ?

2) Regarding question 2, you can certainly go ahead with the I-MR chart. I would suggest to check the normality of the data. Since you have so many data points it's very likely to get some false alarms, but if the data is not normally distributed the number of false alarms will be higher than expected.
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