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@Randy first thank you for your service. I am truly glad that you were able to ‘make it home’. I knew many that didn’t and many that do suffered greatly. I can still remember when my best friend since 7th grade and the mother of 2 of my god sons had 3 blue stars in her front window. Fortunately they all made it home and have done well healing from their time in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Now to provide a bit more explanation than @rogerpenna gave. Yes before temperature was routinely recorded there were periods of extreme temps - mostly when humans weren’t around yet. And certainly each of those periods had different vegetation and living creatures. A far different environment than we have now. IF the temperatures continue to rise we will substantially change weather patterns and affect our environment. I’ve explained before that just the small change in the temp in the Atlantic Ocean is causing lobsters to move away from the coast of maine and green crabs to move in to reduce the famous steamer clams. Is it killing us? No, but just that small effect is affecting the livelihood of thousands of people. But has often been explained the weather in the Earth is a very complex system. So while the temperature has an effect it’s the overall energy that is critical. Small things can have very large effects.

Again careful reading will show that I am not explaining anything to do with cause, but I am concerned about the effect of rising temperatures.

An interesting web site is this one.

Let’s all keep the discussion civil and avoid snark and sarcasm. After all many fought and some died to preserve our right to free speech and discourse.
Are there any positive effects of rising temperatures? Everything is focused on the “negative.“.


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My Bell Peppers are doing quite well in the UK this year. :LOL:
that deserves to be said with that whistling song from the end of Monty Python's Life of Brian: "always look at the bright side of life"

it also reminded me of this meme (edit: damn, posting as a link resulted in a huge thumbnail. Removed link to not destroy forum pagination)
Climate Change Discussion


  • Climate Change Discussion
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In other news, was just talking with our Company Courier about the non stopping rain and now apparently there are HISTORICAL high temperatures over central America, Mexico and Florida due to a heat dome ...
he said it was probably because of the "magnetic hole" he saw some news about yesterday. I said he probably meant the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly, which was related to the Van Allen Belts. NASA monitors it because it affects electronics equipment in orbit, but it doesnt´ affects the climate or weather.
He said it was probably that thing people were talking about on Social Media, HAARP.

I said it was more probably related to Global Warming. He said I was crazy to believe in the scientists.


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Solar flare activity is my favorite cause for these weather changes.

BTW there was a worse flood, unless you are a Bible denier.
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