CMM Probe Certification



OK Folks, :bigwave: here's a question for yall. Do you, and if so how often do you, send out CMM probes to be Certified by a Outside Metrology Lab. Or is it at all necessary, because the probe is calibrated to the machine? :confused:

Thank you all for you help in advance, and have a great day!:thanks:

Ron Rompen

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I have never sent a probe out for calibration - as you pointed out, the probe (along with the probe holder) are calibrated with the machine as a part of your regular (hopefully daily) calibration routine.

You -=MIGHT=- want to add them into your calibration database, for visual inspection for signs of damage, but that would be all that I would do.

With the above being said, I could be absolutely wrong. Fortunately there are a lot of other Covers here who have much more experience with this than I do.
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