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CMM Room cleanliness requirements

What are the ISO/IEC 17025 requirement for CMM Room cleanliness?
Can someone provide a procedure for CMM Room Cleanliness that they are using in a ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Lab as an example for me?
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Hi, The standard itself isn't so prescriptive. As an example, clause 6.3 states that the environmental conditions shall be suitable for the activities and shall not affect the validity of the results. It then gives some examples such as contamination, dust, humidity, vibration. It is down to the organisation to document the environmental requirements and then monitor and control them.
We have a CMM Lab that in my opinion needs some cleaning up and I'm looking for some Documentation/Requirements to back me up. we are not a ISO/IEC 17025 accredited company, but would like to be compliant to those requirements at least. Anything you have will help.
Thanks in advance for your help.


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I'd perhaps start with 5S activities - then maintain cleanliness with regular audits - but that's just for keeping the room 'lean'. Perhaps the environmental considerations - temperature, humidity for example - could be measured and logged with triggers for action when going outside the limits you set. Regardless of the controls you put in, it's down to the laboratory process owner to accept and take ownership for their process.
From what I've seen, you'd be surprised how dirty the environment can be to run a cmm. If it's in a lab, things may not be as bad as you imagine might affect the operation. However, I have a line into someone in the biz, so I'll ask!


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FWIW, the only things I've run into where room cleanliness (specifically dust/dirt) affected CMM is:

1. using adhesive (tape or putty) to fix the part down ... dirt doesn't stick...part can slide A quick wipe before use solves it.
2. CMM image capture is thrown by dirt specs being measured (this is CMM stage only). A quick wipe before use solves it.
3. More frequent maintenance on the ball screws (actuators) for stage movement...not a measurement issue, but a potential downtime and cost issue.
4. The quick "wipes" above scratching the glass stage, and the CMM measuring scratches on the glass instead of the part feature.

We had no special process for room cleanliness other than that it was in a 10K cleanroom...and we still had to clean it before use.
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