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OK, folks it is that time again!

For me, the two most exciting conferences to watch are the SEC and the ACC!

ACC: FSU and Miami are both scary fast! More importantly, FSU now has a lot of experience, and maybe more importantly, confidence! I look for them to take both Florida and Miami this year (but will not admit that to my son, a 'Nole). As a born Gator, it TRULY pains me to say that! I do not think Clemson can stop either FSU or Miami, and there is no one else in the ACC who realistically can.

SEC: Georgia or South Carolina are the two most likely to take the East. Alabama, Auburn, and LSU are in a three-way battle for the West. But watch 'Ol Miss and also Mississippi State. The MS Defense may cause folks a LOT of problems. 'Ol Miss is a well-balanced team, but not sure they are at the high-level...YET.

PAC-12: USC has promise, but UCLA now has confidence. Watch for Oregon to bring speed. Cal will bring power, and may take the PAC-12 North - IF - Oregon State upsets Oregon. Arizona State will start strong as always, but let's see if they get past the half-way point this year.

Big East: Watch for the Smurf Turf Team to take a serious position here, be a real contender again.

Div I AA: Montana may be strong again, as likely will Appellation State.

Now, anyone have views? Want to talk smack?



I know what you mean about FSU. I do not have a dog in the hunt being from the Northeast. I like pro more. My wife being from Florida likes the 'noles. I was fun picking on all of the Auburn fans here at work including my boss. I also got to pick on our VP of finance and our president who are both Gator alum and fans. I will say the SEC dominance may be broken know that there will be a four team playoff for the champion.
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