Company Name Change and the aftermath of re-registration of products in countries


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Does anyone have any experience within a company that has changed its name and the aftermath of re-registration of products in countries?
I understand that the process is different in each country but it would be very useful to have a contact that could advise in particular on Turkey, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Ukraine or Russia.


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Recently, I worked on this for Japan, Taiwan, and other APAC Countries.

For Japan, you need to work with your MAH in getting the form filled-in and send it to them, inturn to PMDA. It takes a week or so. Then followed by the product notification changes in the registry (for low risk products).

For Taiwan, it's a long process, which took almost 3 months. They need business ACRA /RCB file, notarised ISO 13485 cert with new company name, for products-free sales certificate for those products from the country of manufacturer's regulatory authority-notarised and legalized from Taiwan Embassy, labels with new company name and application forms.

Hope this helps.


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