Company Name Change - ETL Labels and Report Updates


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Hope this post finds you doing well. I was recently brought on board to a company that has been acquired and is undergoing a name change. We want to update our ETL label for our 1 product with the new name and reached out to our test body on what would be required. They came back and said every report within the CB scheme needs to be updated (7 reports in total). We pushed back and asked them to only update the report which authorizes us to bear the ETL label. They said if we take this approach, we will lose CB status. Is anyone able to verify if this is correct? I am not able to find support for either scenario and think the test house is trying to over charge us.

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Ronen E

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Is there a real problem with presenting the existing reports / certificates along with formal documentation that shows that the "new company" (old company with new name) is the same as the one named on the reports / certificates, and that this is merely a name change?
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