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First of all, I'm new at ISO 9001:2008
We're about to design a QMS for a company (e.g. "AB company") that manages the waste of construction and demolition in order to recycle them and reuse.
The company it's self doesn't do the mentioned 'job', just office work (where the waste will transfer, papers, laws', licenses of tranfers etc).
"CD Company" is doing the 'hard-job'. Gathering all those waste, processes those wastew into their final product (e.g. reused soil, stones etc).
Here's the questions:
- Is the process of the "CD Company" an outsourced process?
- Should be mentioned at QMS of "AB Company", as outsourced process and controlled as well?

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That is correct.. your "CD company" is an outsourced has to be handled as a supplier.. so, you should have a process to evaluate it, to control it, to verify that the service you are getting from this company (or product) is correct.


Unless your customer is the one selecting CD company and the contract explicility identify the customer role in selecting and controlling CD compnay then they are considered as an outsourced supplier!
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