Compare the standards EN 45000 and Guide 25 to ISO 17025




I'm a student and I'll try to compare the standards EN 45000 +Guide 25 to iso17025.
The need to validate software developed by the user is new requirments. What kind of *development* it means? It is concenred with special software to use for example chromatograph, could you give me example?


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This just means you have to have a master or standard of some sort or other means to validate the software. If you have a CMM and write a program, for example, how do you validate the program.

In the US elections, the machines which count ballots with the push thru tabs, for example, are checked by a set of 'known' cards. I'm not an IM&TE expert but I assume this is what they are talking about with respect to software for IM&TE.
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