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Jimmy Olson

Hello everyone. I am interested in finding out if anyone can give recommendations on all-in-one software. I am trying to find quality management software that incorporates various aspects in one package (such as doc control, calibratio, training, auditing, equipment maintenance, etc.). I've been able to find individual software for each aspect, but I would like to avoid multiple programs as much as possible. If anyone can give a recomendation or knows of someplace that I could go to get information I would be grealty appreciative. Just to give you some back ground we are a circuit board manufacturing company with approximately 150 people.
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I have a ISO 9000 Software Buyers Guide that was published in the July 1999 edition of Quality Digest. Its 6 pages long and compares the features of just about every software package out there. I haven't checked QD to see if there is a newer one or if this is available through the archives and have to dash off to something right now, but I would suggest that you check quality digest online and see if it's there. If you're unsuccessful I'd be happy to fax this old one to you. Just email me your fax number.
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