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Compliance to standards (ISO 80369) but the ID is out of specification


Starting to get Involved
Good Morning,
I need to have a sanity check..... Can you use dimensions from a standard but not claim compliance? We have a in house molded Luer that meet the threads dimensions of ISO 80369-7 but the ID is out of spec. The drawing they are using also calls out ISO 594 for threads and a 6% taper (Drawing has not been updated yet). I need to follow up with the engineers but i think that is ok to use ISO 80369-6 as a reference as long as they are not claiming compliance to that standard right? The ref to ISO 594 will need to be removed.

Also how are companies handling the removal from gauges from ISO 80369-7? I’ve been instructing the project teams that they will need to create a method for checking. During design i think that is appropriate but what is everyone doing for inline inspection.

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