Confection validation on different batch sizes


Good Morning,
I'm new to this forum, i have discovered it because im looking for informations, and im really struggling with finding any.
So the case: i have to validate process, the only step is confection in smaller containers. Problem is that batch size is different basically every time they produce it, and im taught that batches size in validation should be the same. I have read already about bracketing and matrixing but there's no info how i should actually do it.
My idea is to take 3 batches (range for the batch size is 180-3600kg) - first would be 180 kg, second would be average batch size (about 800kg) and the third one 3600, so whole range would be validated.
My questions are:
1. Can i even do it like that? Maybe you have any ideas?
2. Im pretty sure that batch size doesnt make a difference on process, how should i prove that this is right approach
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