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Hi Guys.
Can anyone recommend any config management software that can control the many parts/drawings/specification of a fairly complex aircraft sub-assembly - including Change management (proposals, tests, history etc etc).

I'd love to hear about any bit of kit you're using which is working well - so many places seem to end up going the bespoke route with all that entails.... :nope:

Thanks in advance


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Not sure if you have tried Solidworks PDM? It comes in Professional and Standard Package. We used to use this software for a medical device company until we moved to Agile.

Hope this help


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Hi, What kind of control do you need?

Do you refer to a PDM software?

For example PDM sw software helps you to control the revisión/approval of documents, the approval flows, it also uses metadata, etc.
could you explain a little bit more your need?


Hi qualprod, yes it's primarily PDM that will be needed I believe.
My needs are a little undefined as yet, as I don't start the role til tomorrow, but I am expecting to be dealing with a large number of parts and sub assemblies which will build up into a complex assembly. The system needs to track the specs and requirements for all of various prototype and development assemblies through to a final release to production, and the presumably mods, updates and potentially variations after release. At a guess it will also need to have relationships within it do that changes to one element can drive the assessment of change to related parts/sub-assemblies.
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