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Would appreciate some help on configuration management (CM). What it is really. What is the scope of the CM activies means. I have the opinion that it is about build of material (BOM) and MRP related. Am I right that it's also involve the blue prints. I came across a checklist asking for CM tools; is Oracle and Mentor Graphic one of the tools. Where can I get more article about CM (on hardware). Pls. advised.:(


You could get more information in ISO 10007 and ISO 9000-3 applicable for software development

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I am not familiar with the term Configuration Management. Is there an alternate name I may be familiar with by any chance? More information on where the requirement comes from and what it entails (rather than another 'key' word) may be even more helpful.

Granted this may just be one of those things I've never come across before - but I am (usually) eager to learn new things :)



What is Configuration Management?

This is a subject I might be able to be of some help. In a few words Configuration Managment is:

Source: MIL-STD-973

a. As applied to configuration items, a discipline applying technical and administrative direction and surveillance over the life cycle of items to: (1) Identify and document the functional and physical characteristics of configuration items. (2) Control changes to configuration items and their related documentation. (3) Record and report information needed to manage configuration items effectively, including the status of proposed changes and implementation status of approved changes. (4) Audit configuration items to verify conformance to specifications, drawings, interface control documents, and other contract requirements. b. As applied to digital data files (See MIL-HDBK-59), the application of selected configuration identification and configuration status accounting principles to: (1) Uniquely identify the digital data files, including versions of the files and their status (e.g., working, released, submitted, approved). (2) Record and report information needed to manage the data files effectively, including the status of updated versions of files.

I suggest you review the MIL-STD, (you can see an electronic copy at: "") for exact details. Hope this helps.


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there is a separate standard given by IEEE for configuration management . I shall tell you the refernce for the IEEE standard if required . Based on this a separate procedure can be prepared



Many years ago I was asked to set up a configuration management group for a DOD/NASA contractor. Basically, the group helped maintain the bill of materials and tracked the implementation of engineering changes for our prodct -- a vehicle to launch satellites.

We collected cost along with input from production, engineering, and planning for review and approval by the engineering change review board. The group then maintained all records related to the implementation of the change. On occasion, we even audited the product itself to ensure the change was implemented, particularly for critical items.

Our customers wanted to see objective evidence that change was implemented when it was suppose to be. Our management wanted to ensure the cost of implementing the change was collected so it could be charged back to the customer. Our production and production engineering groups wanted input on the timing of implementing the change.

Hopes this helps.

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