Conformal Coating & AS9102 - Is conformal coating material a COTS part

Mike S.

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From a AS9102 FAI perspective, is the conformal coating material itself a COTS part to be listed on Form 1, or a Material that should be listed on Form 2?


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I would think conformal coating should be on Form 2. Form 1 is for PART NUMBER ACCOUNTABILITY whereas form 2 is PRODUCT ACCOUNTABILITY - MATERIALS, SPECIAL PROCESSES, AND FUNCTIONAL TESTING

I agree that CC is a COTS item, but it’s used as part of the manufacturing process that produces the items that go on Form 1. Additionally depending how it classified I would say CC is a special process.

If it was me I would list CC material and process on form 2 in block 5, 6, 8, & 10.

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