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Confusion on the new FMEA guidebook - Are we supposed to replace our FMEAs?


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I have some confusion on the new FMEA guidebook. Are we supposed to replace our FMEAs with the new suggestions? They didn't update the FMEA guide to a new revision level and I believe customers (GM, FORD and FCA) require the AIAG original FMEA. I have heard conflicting information.


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Yeah, there seems to be confusion with this. I hear that at this time existing FMEA's won't need to be updated to the new version (which to me looks more complicated for the sake of being complicated). I don't have a single customer who has mentioned the new format. I also don't deal with anyone who used the VDA format.


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Old/Existing FMEA's do not have to be updated. People responsible for the VGA/FMEA will need to be trained - so do CB auditors. Once the new requirement shows up in the GM, Ford etc Supplier books it will be required. And that timeline will be announced in October.
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