Congrats to Steve Prevette - ASQ Fellow - November 2011

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Re: ASQ Fellow

Very well earned, Steve!:applause::applause:

Now that you have some pull... let's get some of those things changed we've been working on for years...


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Re: Congrats to Steve Prevette-ASQ Fellow

Congratulations! Happy to hear it!

Jen Kirley

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Re: Congrats to Steve Prevette-ASQ Fellow

Congrats Steve! :applause::applause::applause: Maybe they will make you "In the know" and you can tell us the answer to the eternal question "What were you thinking?!" Well, it seemed like a good idea anyway.

Geoff Withnell

Excellent! Very well deserved. Steve, you will never be one of THEM! I had occasion in another thread to look at the ASQ Code of Ethics. From all I have seen, you are a shining example.

Geoff Withnell

Douglas E. Purdy

Quite Involved in Discussions

I have always been impressed with your input here at the Cove and have appreciated your feedback on questions that I have had concerning proper statistical controls!


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