Congratulations Dr. Ramakrishnan

All budding and serious scientists believe that their work is of Nobel Prize quality. Now Dr. C.V. Ramakrishnan got the Nobel prize in Chemistry with two others, his dreams would have come true. Congratulations Dr. Ramakrishnan for this honour!!

I wish I had worked like you as a scientist towards this coveted goal.....but for me that was only a dream..being a mediocre scientist (of course, with a Gold Medal for the best Ph.D. thesis from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India) I would not have even taken the first step towards such a coveted prize. Anyway, I moved away from Pure Science .....a long ago.

I am proud that I share your name (first name) at least....we of course share the country of birth, state and the mother tongue (Tamil) etc. Incidentally two other Nobel prize winners of Indian origin in Sciences (apart from Hargobind Khorana), Sir C.V. Raman and Prof. S. Chandrasekhar, are from Tamil Nadu in India. We are proud of all of you.

Let this trend continue !!!!

Congratulations once again.

Congratulations to Barrack Obama too....for his Nobel Peace Prize.

Congratulations to all the other Nobel Prize winners...about whom I will have to learn more in the days to come :)
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