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Congratulations to Jim Wynne for 10000 posts - 6 July 2010

Cari Spears

Super Moderator
Staff member
Super Moderator
Indeed, Jim's incredible capacity to provide in-depth, focused, well thought out, pragmatic feedback does not cease to amaze me.

I do believe he embodies the "people helping people" motto Marc carved for The Cove.
And, he cracks me up at lease a couple times a week!:lol:

Looking forward to your next 10,000, Jim.:applause:


There are a core few contributors here in the cove whose posts I always take the time to view, regardless of whether or not the subject matter appeals to me. Jim is certainly one of those. Knowledgable, witty (acerbically at times, which I like!), insightful and to-the-point but most importantly of all, always eminently readable. Congratulations Jim and long may the good work continue. :applause:

(And I wouldn't begin to claim to 'know' Jim but why am I imagining him reading these complimentary posts and shaking his head?! Reminds me of an awards ceremony a few years ago when Prince Charles gave a gushing speech when presenting the legendary Spike Milligan with a lifetime achievement award (just before Milligan died). I forget his exact words but Milligan shuffled up to the mic and immediately called HRH 'a grovelling b**tard!' Caused quite a bit of controversy at the time!)

Jim Wynne

Staff member
Thanks to everyone. :D

I became aware of the number approaching 10,000 when it was 9800 and change, and then forgot about it, so I was actually a little surprised. That's such a nice round number that I almost hate to deface it by adding a one on the end. :tg:

I'm sure that some have wondered how I've been able to do all of this posting and still make a living. For most of the five years since I first registered I was in a desk-bound job mostly doing documentation reviews (mainly PPAPs, but other stuff too). I found I was able to get my work done and switch back and forth to the Cove, and I suppose I have some facility for hashing things out fairly quickly. Also, the work tended to come in spurts, which helped.

I'm happy to be able to contribute and I've also learned a lot during the time I've spent here.
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Captain Nice
Staff member
All the help you have given folks over the years is very much appreciated by all of us, Jim.
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