Consolidating Inter-Plant Documentation


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> TALHAMI wrote:
> > Dear sir:
> > i am an MR in a group of companies that were certified to ISO standard
> > we used to have a QM for each Factory and we accomplished the
> > certification for each company at different time and now we ar to review
> > the system but we started in two factories which have been certified
> > since nearly a year and the system in the other factories will be
> > reviewed later,, (the group consists of six factories)we have a small
> > problem in the Quality Manuals as we wish to make it as a grouping
> > manual for all the factories and this can be done BUT what will be its
> > review and issue no. will it be review 1 issue one or review 2 issue two
> > taking into consideration that it will be used for the other not yet
> > reviewed factories which are review 1 issue 1 and the review factories
> > which are review 2 issue1???
> > i will be very gratefull if u can help me or tell me where i can find an
> > answer for this question and thank you a lot
> > with best regards

Marc Smith wrote:
> Select 1 as your primary, revise and distribute it. Obsolete the others.
> The one you keep will carry the revision level, etc.

Dear Mr. Marc :
thanks a lot for your attention i understood from your answer that the new m,anual should be issue 1 revision 2 right but i need some clarification considering the procedures in those factories that were not review yet hhey will have issue 1 revision 1 !! it will not be a problem right ??? thank you again.

Sincerly yours
G. S. Talhami

Marc Smith wrote:

The bottom line is documents with references to the quality manual (including procedures) at each plant will have to mapped. That is to say each will have to be reviewed for references. References to the old manuals will have to be changed to point to the single manual. If you set up your system well this should not be a major chore, but it will take some time. The revision level of your single manual will advance one from its current rev as will procedures revised to reflect new reference pointers.

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