Consolidation of Testing Methods

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One of the things that the company I work for is trying to do is consolidate testing methods down to a smaller number than is currently used. I've been asked to check some of the data that's been produced. It looks like this:

Product Manual Tecam Sunshine
C410096 9' 20" 9' 20" 9' 30"
C410014 5' 30" 5' 00" 5' 30"
C260011 29' 30" 31' 30" 33' 48"
C200333 30' 30" 31" 30" 32' 06"
C200301 61' 00" 63' 30" 65' 40"
C200301 52' 30" 54' 00 57' 30"
C260013 5' 00" 4' 40" 5' 20"
C220023 24'10" 24'25" 25'00"
C200037 19'40" 20'00" 20'25"
C010003 6'00" 6'00" 6'10"
C220022 8'35" 9'00" 9'10"
C280020 28'25" 28'20" 28'30"
C220013 26'30' 26'45" 26'30"

The results are times, for each of the products tested. Manual, Tecam and Sunshine are three different test methods.

What kind of analysis that I can do? The number seem to say to me that the results are broadly similar. If they had done replicates, then it seems to look to me like a Gage R&R test. But they didn't..

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If methods are the same but some details vary, can the details be put into a reference table?

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These are gel times. The product is mixed with a hardener, then (under constant conditions) the clock is started, stopping when the product gels. Manual means that the operators is expected to check the test at regular intervals. The other two methods have instruments which accomplish the same thing automatically.

Not sure what you mean by a reference table?


I plotted your data to compare. My first thought was that the data provided is too sparse to allow for any solid conclusion; like you mention having replicates would be helpful. The general impression is however that it seems that the three methods yield practically identical results, except perhaps for two products where there are some differences, although not large. These differences don?t seem to depend of the gel time, but perhaps there is some ?hidden variable? in these two products that we don?t know about and that may have been caught by the different test methods.
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