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I am in need of a Quality system based on ISO 17025 for a construction materials testing laboratory (very small company... 2 employees) Slight problem... I have no idea what I'm doing!!! I am considering buying a 17025 template CD rom supplied by Techcom Systems.

Has anyone had experience with this software??

I am wanting to keep costs to an absolute minimum due to the small size of the Co. The company has not yet opened.

Any suggestions would be welcome.



Are you familiar with setting up an ISO 9000 system? Many of the requirements of 17025 are the same as 9000. If you are familiar with 9000, or have templates (which you can probably find on this site) that will take care of much of your documentation. The rest is pretty specific to the tests that you will be performing, so I am not sure that templates would be of much help.

I have not used the software you reference, but it looks like the set up procedures following the standard. I do not recommend doing so - you should make the system fit the way you work. I also don't understand why you would need a SOP for "Normative Reference" as shown in their outline.

The way I am setting up the procedures I am building for a client now is:

1. Policy Manual - Organizational overview, numbered per 17025 for easy reference (many debates here about if you should do it this way, but it seems to work well for me).

2. Document and Record Control
3. Contract/Order Review
4. Purchasing and subcontracting tests
5. Nonconformance control, preventive/corrective action
6. Internal Audit
7. Management Review

There will be one additional procedure for each test they perform that addresses all of the section 5 requirements.

Hope this helps,


Ken K

Our approach to 17025 was using it as a template along with a 48 page doc audit form used by our auditor. It's not really that difficult of a process once you understand what needs to be documented.

I looked at some canned software during the web searches I did and none of them really pertained to our lab. A one "size fits all", IMO, won't really help you understand how your company will wish to operate.

Personally, I would save the $500 and write your own. You'll better understand 17025 in the long run. Just make sure all the "shalls" are addressed. We also numbered everything per 17025 and it worked well for us.

Good luck.

David Mullins

Buy an E-copy of the standard.
Copy and paste the text into a WORD document before your poxy Standards Australia print time runs out.
Change the terms to suit your company.
Then if you need to write any more specific procedures on how to do things, then do it.
I can give you some super simple examples of alternate ways to go.


17025 Check List and Manual Templates from NIST

If you need the templates from the NIST send to me an e-mail both are for free.
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