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I would like some "constructive" criticism of the attached file. This is a method that I am considering for identifying/defining a process, and it's interaction. Process level objectives are also noted.

I like to keep things simple (maybe all I am capable of) - Is anyone else taking this approach?

The other approach I am considering is deployment flowchart which I like, and have used before. I would rather use the input/transformation/output format - just because of the simplicity.

Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.


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I like the colors and the simplicity. Don't see how the 100, 90, 80 are related to the performance measures - is it missing something there?


The 100, 90, 80 is just supposed to be a generic bar chart icon signifying a measurement.

I have since added a few items - links to procedures, work instructions and forms for the main process. Also a section for process resources: Job descriptions and equipment icons etc...

I appreciate your feedback.

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Looks grand Jimmy - mind if I use it as an example for training my team on Process mapping ?



Thanks for your feedback. The re-assurance helps a great deal.

Al - use all you like - this was created with VISIO - then can be saved in a number of various formats - .jpg, .html etc...

thanks again!
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