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OK I need to get down to the nitty gritty...

What is a good ballpark figure for an hourly or daily rate to provide consulting services for ISO 14000 or ISO 9000 or anything like that...

I'm having a tough time getting a straight answer....

Oh yes, my market may be Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties in Southern California...maybe into Nevada and Arizona too.

As a kicker for rate determination I hold RAB credentials for 14000 which I'm in the process of upgrading hopefully to Lead Auditor.

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I can not say about California but in general I see anywhere from US$ 350 a day to US$ 1750 a day for ISO / QS consultants. There are so many 'consultants' anymore that it's hard to say what you can make. Most auditors I have heard from and spoken with make about US$ 450 a day. ISO14001 hasn't really taken off so I'm not sure how 14000 auditors doing.

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randy....$$$$$$$ is a difficult subject full of variables. It all depends on what you are quoting (re consultancy) When you have all your tools in place..what looks like a day is really 1 hour.....Its not fair to charge for your learning curve....Another is what is invisible to the fee...distance calling, travel, meals, aggravation, supplies, prep work, equipment (fast -vs- slow computers/laptops/projectors/printers.copy costs), sales calls, support services, expertise.....and so on. Which is why you are having trouble getting a hard answer, even marc's was vague, and i would have given the same answer.

Sometimes it s 6 months of work to just land the job, all that has to be recovered somewhere..after a year or so of assigning costs to projects you get a real feel for it, but its a personal gut kind of thing, it has to work for you.

How bad do you want the job, will it bring more work,,,,,,is it short or long term.

You win some, you lose some..been there done both....
Guess its all relative, the bottom line at the end of the year along with my personal ethics (a days work for a days pay) is what counts.

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#4 are you doing? had some interface with 14k consultants/auditors...sad to say they don't seem to be getting their worth.......


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Right now I'm still gainfully employed by ITT, and gaining auditing experience from the job. In the short term I plan on doing the consulting part-time and am getting assistance from the International Trade Manager of the regional business development center (SBA). The guy nearly jumped thru his shorts when he saw my present credentials. He has clients that are needing 14K help to help expand their overseas markets and also a couple that are small suppliers to GM, Ford and Chrysler. He has had to go to LA, San Diego and Frisco for assistance by credentialed 14K people. I may be positioned pretty good for some work. I won't get rich but I may be able to pay for this computer. I really want to price myself competetitive or just a buck or 2 lower to get the work. In addition to 14K I can offer a look at their safety management program (I'm a safety guy by profession and degree)which I may use OHSAS 18001 as the standard for. I've got a copy and already have started developing an audit format from it.

That's about it Barb. Any advice?

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randy...thats a great start...experience/credientials are the deciding factors in most accounts...personality the next...and price the sloppy third..It's who you know and who you can boast working with...and the list you present is impressive...the accounts worth having barely look at price (if you are in the ball park)....sometimes they say they are, but they are really not..if they say that, they are either very small and financially challenged, or don't know the value of what they want.
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