Definition Containment Definition - The first action taken when a nonconformance is identified



When a nonconformance is reported by the customer, the first response is to contain all suspect material, and sort. While root cause analysis is still underway and production continues after the initial 100% sort of all product, is it acceptable (not saying preferred) to sort for visual defects in-process or should the material be segregated and sorted in a designated sort area? I guess it could be answered, "what is your confidence level for detecting the defects in-process, and/or consult your customer... etc." But, does QS treat product as suspect, thus needing segregation to a sort/rework/hold area after a nonconformance is found, until a permanent countermeasure is in place? Or, in this case, does "segregation" just apply to product prior to establishing an inspection in-process or other short-term countermeasure or what your customer is comfortable with?


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Case by case. I was involved in an air bag 'problem' where every module had to be shipped to an outside company to inspect to remove possiblity of conflict of interest. I have been through other 'problems' where inline checks were instituted.

You can theorize what you might do for containment, however until a problem actually occurs and surfaces you cannot know what all the possible ramifications will be.

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