Contemplating changing registrars


Eye Spy

Contemplating a switch of registrars


Audit Findings over extended number of visits lean more toward "external auditor preference of "How & what to'do's" than to direct violation of standards -

Intrepretation of "standards meaning" changes from one audit to the next.

Has anyone out there done this & what were the results?

Al Dyer

Eye Spy,

Have you brought the documentation that interpretations are not consistant to the account manager at your registrar?

Also, are we talking the same lead auditor having different interpretations of the same topic, or different auditors?

I'd like to read more specifics concerning your situation!


This type of thing should be caught early on and if there is a different interpretation from one audit to another, the MR should not sign off on the audit finding until the registrar is brought in for clarification.

Looking forward to your response. Remember you are the customer and paying good money for their "services"!


barb butrym

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although once a frowned on practice, changing registrars has now become a normal progression for several reasons, mostly $$$$ amd as you say, interpretations and movement of auditors. i find it can be a $$$ benefit and is easy enough to do. Many will 'transfer" you with little hoop la, upon a review of your past reports, and pick up the surveillance where it left off. Unless you are using logo's its painless and almost invisible to your customers.
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