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Violetta Monroe

Control of documents

I am trying to find some info on ways to control the controlled documents that are in electronic media. At this time I am in the process of posting all procedures, work instructions and forms on the share drive of our server for everyone in the company to be able to view them. The folders that the documents are kept are designated to be read only and the documents itself are also protected so no one can copy or change them without the password. No documents can be imported into these folders by anyone other than myself and one other person. If printed the documents bare the following: " Uncontrolled copy. If printed this document is only valid for (and date). One of our employees is very upset. He doesn't want anyone in the company to print his procedures without notifing Document Control. Should we prevent people from doing so? After all we are talking about company procedures. Can you advise on how to handle this matter. All ideas are welcome.

Kevin Mader

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Your system is fine. The problem exists with the creator of that document. What is his reason for not wanting others to print the document? I can't think of a reason myself (unless the document contains some trade secret). Otherwise, your bases are covered.


I agree with Kevin. Find out the reason that the person doesn't want anyone to print his procedures out. As far as meeting the standards, your system is just fine.

Violetta Monroe

I really don't believe that there's a problem. We are talking about simple company procedures and work instructions as well as forms. There are no secrets in them. His concern is that they would be stolen by a disgruntled employee and given to our competitors. There's nothing stooping them, however, even right now. You can request a document from Document Control and take it back to your desk, but I don't know what you're going to do with it. I can't stop you from making copies if you really wanted to. Thanks for all your responses, I appreciate it.

Don Winton


As Kevin stated, your control procedures are fine. I agree with Kevin, the problem seems to lie with the person who does not want procedures printed.

"Can you advise on how to handle this matter." I would suggest you have the individual who has the problem with the printing of the document point out in ISO 900x EXACTLY which clause you are NOT in compliance with.

"Should we prevent people from doing so?" No, I would not. But, it might be a good idea that the individuals that print documents know that they are only valid for the date printed and must be "promptly removed from all points of issue or use, or otherwise assured against unintended use." [4.5.2(b)]. This is probably covered using your header statement, but the employees should know this as well.

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