Control of Metal Plating Baths - Contamination from base metals


Nicholas Nyamas

I work for a metal plating company and have problems with my Nickel Strike, Silver Plate, and Electroless Nickel Solutions building up contamination from base metals.

There is a build up of iron and chromium in the Nickel Strike bath which inhibit proper plating of the base metal. The finished product blisters. The concentration of Nickel Metal in the bath also goes down with time which needs to be replenished on analysis.

I would like to install a monitoring system like measuring the gradual increase of the iron and chromium while at the same time monitoring the concentration of the Nickel metal such that an alarm or warning light would show up once the level is going out of specification.

Has anybody done it?




We don't do anything that elaborate at our facility, but you might try posting on where there may be other plating companies who do. There may also be companies posting or advertising there who supply controls like that for plating applications.
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