Control of NCM: segregation strategies



I am looking for generally accepted rules for segregating product.

For example,

1) A designated Nonconformance hold area on the floor, needs clearly painted boarders and red fill/black font, 5"x9" sign on wall or post.

2) Nonconformance Shelf needs red, 1" label.

I would like to hear what rules are being applied out in the field to segregate.



barb butrym

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anything goes...actually.

tags, bags, bins, shelfs, totes, shrink wrap, locked personal favorite for big stuff is movable posts connected with plastic chain link (color coded of course...LOL) much as you would see for bank lines and such...just set it up around it, skid and all.

Rule is simple "keep it from getting mixed"....thats really what its all about...protect the good stuff.
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