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I am looking for some insight. We have point of sale literature that has information pertaining to the performance characteristics of various grades of metal bars. The language used is "Average Properties" and "Typical Hardness" and ranges are given. We also have a disclaimer that states the "information is correct to the best of our knowledge and we assume no responsibility for errors". Can these brochures be considered for reference only and not subject to control? Do we need addtional disclaimers specifically stating that the documents are for reference only? Please help.



When people ask me about controlling documentation, I ask if having different revisions of the document "out there" affects the quality of the process or the product. Generally, if the answer is no, it does not need controlled. From the description, I would say that Sales type literature does not need controlled. If it lists specs and tolerances, and decisions are made based on it, it should be controlled.

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control it by date of issue...give it a date code, if something changes...the newer datecode rules.....its a point of reference with your customer if nothing else...have it hidden on the document somewhere...if it comes up, then ask the customer to read it to know immediately if the item was sold prior to a change. if you need control thats a simple way to approach it... I favor control for several reasons..makes sence to know what to order printed next time...if nothing else


I am interested whether sale Form in Adobe on Intranet require to be controlled in any other way than be password protected?
We have a Compliance System where all the Quality and Production forms are number and controlled with a disclaimer at the bottom. The sales forms used in Sales and Marketing are not controlled in the same matter. This are managed by the their own department and only exist in intranet to be filled in and then printed and processed through our sales...
As a stickler for document Control, I need to know if this satisfies the requirements.
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