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Control of Quality Records - What are the quality records required by QS-9000?


$ Contributor
For ISO 9000 it was easy to prepare a list of quality records. Just list each time 4.16 was called out.For QS9000 it's not so obvious eg in glossary Labortory Scope is called a quality record. Does anyoe have complete list that could be used as a comparison?


Captain Nice
Staff member
One of the first things I have a client do is inventory its forms and procedures. As the systems are developed and/or documented each should internally define what the quality records are. An example is purchasing. I would expect a purchasing procedure to define a purchase order as a quality record.

The old 'test' was to ask if the document being considered 'affects quality'. While this seems at first blush to be quite vague, it's really not. A purchase order, for example, defines product requirements for (to) your supplier. Inspection and test records obviously are quality records. Outputs from design testing (validation) are as well.

While there are some 'common' quality records every company has (such as purchase orders), companies typically have quite a few specific ones.

Just ask yourself : Does this document / record affect the quality of the product?
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