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To what extend have other company's registered to ISO14001 taken for control of suppliers and contractors?

How have/are you communicating relevant procedures and requirements to suppliers and contractors.

How have/are you verifying training needs of contractors?


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#1 Just look at Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, etc...

#2 & 3 A variety of different ways. For really quick answers use the SEARCH mode here in the Cove.


We did it by sending letters to our suppliers and subcontractors. We are not a very large operation so it was practical to do it this way.

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We have looked after our contractors by adding to our safety system.

Contractors who have had their induction conducted are given a 'Green Card' and have free access to the site to conduct their activities unsupervised by a member of staff.

Those without a 'green card' are required to only conduct their workafter a permit has been written by the area manager. On the permit is an area where any hazards, be they safety or environment related, and controls for these hazards are recorded.

The contractor (including persons working with them) need to sign they will abide by these condidions.

At the completion of the job, the job is inspected by the area manger that it has been undertaken as per the permit. Then, and only then is the permit closed.

The aim is that regular contractors on site are trained and fully aware of their requirements. Those who have not been trained have the onus left upon the area manager.


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Indeed, It was asked by our EMS auditors also that how do you control your outsoursed activities on the point of EMS.

For that We have made certian plan to do it.
In the line of Ford (I hope you all are familier with Restricted Substances and its list) we have notify all this stuff to our supplier to comply with it.
Second, we audit their facility for EMS point of view in this we focus and guide them for waste elimination and pollution prevention.
We get all copies of Environmental certificates from them which are mandatory to attain and renewal of these certifcates as per law of land.
We give weightage to EMS certificate holder and try to pramote EMS certificate.
Do we do right or wrong please convey me.
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