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link between fmea & control plan

dear friends

would you please explain me how can I link control plan and Dfmea in documents to trace the matter in each documents. I need it for prparing C.P for prototype and Dfmea
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Hello Sima,

To my knowledge, that would be difficult. DFMEA's are to discover and act on potential "design" deficiencies, while a prototype control plan is to control the "manufacture" of the prototype. Do you agree?

Regarding special product characterisitics identified in DFMEA's, they are considered to be "potential" special product characteristics.

I admit I don't know how to link the two.

Nice talking to you.

Al Dyer


What type of document control system do you have?

It could be used as an ongoing link by not necessarily revising documents together but referencing their ongoing reviews.


Paul Alexander


The results of your DFMEA will give you a list of concerns about the design - YS's and YC's. Some of these may be taken care of by re-design etc., but some will be concerns about what could happen during the manufacturing stage. These should then be fed into your PFMEA, and if they become CC's or SC's and are then defined and easured in your control plan. This gives you your link to the DFMEA.

I do this by having a matrix of all YC/YS from my DFMEa and then noting how and where they are resolved. If they are in the control plan then they can be referenced.

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