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Control Plan - Does not replace information in detailed operator instruction



Any idea of you for this!!!

Book "APQP" described in 6.2-Control Plan Methodology page 33.
"The Control Plan does not replace the information contained in detailed operator instruction."

Can be understood;
A. If you describe in detail operator instruction - control point with numbered specification such as "+/- 0.01mm" or "dry at temp.150 degree for 2 min. +/- 5 sec." etc. then you do not need to describe it in detail at Control plan ?


B. Even you wrote so detail information in operator instruction, you should specify in detail on Control plan with numbers like as APQP book presented supplement B. (example)

As possible as I can, I guide our member to describe control plan in detail whether they wrote operator instruction or not. They just want to describe the control methods with operator instruction number not in detail like "see doc# 1234.."

Anybody has same experience for this?

Al Dyer


The control plan (and FMEA's) are used as the driver for operator instructions.

The control plan might say that characteristic #3 is monitored during an in-process inspection function. The related work instruction would tell the operator how to monitor characteristic #3. Such as instructions on how to master and use the applicable gages, how to set up the machine, and how to enter process data into an SPC system.

In most systems I've seen, all blueprint/process requirements are included on the control plan but not all characteristics need a work instruction.

Hope this helps,

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