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Control Plan - Include the processes for each sub component?


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I have a question about Control Plans, Should you put the entire process, including the processes for each sub component? or just the final assembly?

We make large assemblies and all the sub components. Previous QM created the control plans with just the final assembly, Where all the sub components start to get welded in. But left out the process of actually making the sub components.

Bill Levinson

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My understanding is that any process that generates a critical to quality characteristic requires a control plan. If the subcomponent is nonconforming, it is easy to envision the final assembly being nonconforming.

IATF 16949 clause, Control Plan (there is no corresponding clause in ISO 9001:2015) says control plans shall be developed " the system, subsystem, component, and/or material level for the relevant manufacturing site and all product supplied..." and Annex A of the standard provides more information on what should be in a control plan. AIAG's APQP manual also covers control plans.


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The PFMEA focus mostly on the production process, e.g. assembly line. On this assembly line your company produce 6 different variants of a product. Some times you have two different assembly lines, e.g. ones you press in a part vertically and on the other line horizontallly. Therefore you can have different risks for the same product, this means you can have different CP’s for the same product on different lines and different CP’s for the different products on the same line.
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