Control Plan vs PFMEA Control Methods


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We are having difficulty with coming to an agreement regarding the control methods used on our control plans vs. the Detection/Prevention methods on our PFMEA's.

Our CP control methods typically say that we use inspection sheets, training, first-off's, work instructions and cell audits. The PFMEA also includes these as either detection or prevention. During the loading process of the part, the PFMEA includes the risk that the operator may not be able to load the part due to mechanical failure. We record Preventive Maintenance, contingency plan, and capability studies as our preventions.

The "discussion" is that we currently do not mention these preventions on the CP as control methods. Should we?


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What is the purpose of your CP? Defining how to control the product, control of the process, both? If your CP is not restricted to the product, then I guess that as you already use such preventive actions as training and issueing work instructions in the CP you should also add all the other preventive actions in order to be consistent. But in that case the PFMEA and the CP might be very redundant...
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