Controlling acceptance stamps


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Does your procedure call out a process for use of stamps being left at home, (not lost) just not in the office?

We have a procedure to control acceptance (QA) stamps in our system, they are given a unique number (serial number) and a log is kept of the person at which the stamp is used to stamp the work/acceptance labels. The inspector is made aware it's their responsibility to maintain it, get it replaced when worn, report it is lost etc. however we have one inspector that "forgets'' his stamp and has to be re-issued a stamp for a day or so; this makes a to of work and other problems on the documentation side (duplicating numbers, traceability to the stamp, etc.... how do you document the use of "temporary" stamps? or how do you handle it, we do not allow for signatures when the procedure calls out for a stamp. do you have a 'special" stamp for these instances?? HELP (certified to AS9100 & ISO 13485)
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