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I would appreciate some comments on controlling data sheet documents (not the completed record). We currently review and control data sheets forms to ensure technical accuracy, correctness and that the latest revision is in use. I don't mind if a customer asks for fewer test points, but I do ask for a revision, prior to the start of a calibration, if additional test points or different tolerances are requested. Lab personnel want to stop this practice and create data sheets on the fly (no pre-cal review/approval) and control only blank templates - no testpoints, tolerances or calculations. Is this permissable? Who is responsible for the technical accuracy and correctness of the data sheet? Thank you for the feedback.


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Is this permissable - that is really up to you. What are the implications of using only a template? Does the probability exist that the technican will miss something?

I have a similar situation. When we run a part for the first time, the inspector developes the "In-process Inspection Sheet" listing dimensions to be inspected and at what frequency. They use a blank template for this. But they must turn it in to me for review and approval before it can be used again. 99% of the time they get it right (I am lucky, I have a great bunch working for me!). This method works very well for us.

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In agreement with CarolX,


Level II Receiving Inspection procedure notes that all receiving inspections are documentd on Level III document qs-XXX.

The Level III document (template) has the basic required information that our quality system requires. (i.e. part#, rev. level etc...)

For each part number there has to be a receiving inspection sheet. The Q.A. Tech will submit level III document qs-xxx with the required information filled out for specific part number.

The filled out form is reviewed and if approved assigned the Level III document number qs-xxx-01.

When the product needs inspection the Q.A. Tech will retrieve qs-xxx-01. They will perform the inspection and store completed form qs-xxx-01 as a record (Level IV).

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