Controlling Quick Reaction Checklists


I inherited a document control system that was developed after the company had already been operating for a while and that didn't include all documents automatically and I'm struggling to convey to certain sections which documents should be controlled. In particular, one department has Quick Reaction Checklists that they claim should not be controlled because they change often. However, in my mind, these are security/crisis documents for which it is doubly important to ensure that everyone is using the same version of that QRC. Input?

John Broomfield

Super Moderator
These checklists are system documents and as such, when they are changed, previous editions should be archived so they cannot be used inadvertently.

Is each of the rapid changes reviewed and approved before use?

It could be that the only version readily available for use during the crisis/emergency/training/practice is the current approved version. If so, this particular checklist is already under control.

As necessary, your documented procedure for controlling documented information for controlling processes should include an objective to this effect: ensuring only valid information is immediately available for use.
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