Controls to ensure that Quality Plans are accurate

Moumen H

Hi Everybody,

Please can anyone help with examples of Controls that can be implemented to ensure that Quality Plans are accurate prior to use.

Many thanks in advance for your help.


Moumen, what do you by how to check if Quality Plans are accurate prior to use? Do you mean implementing a quality plan for a product line? In my experience, a quality plan would be a document reviewed and approved/accepted by a group of individuals that have the most knowledge and qualifications to determine if the quality plan is sufficient. Applying controls to the use of quality plans would be a circular activity in my mind. You should refer to ISO 10005 that gives good content and information behind how to implement and use quality plans in a management system.

Moumen H

Hi Locutus,

Many thanks for your replay and guidance. The meaning here, is how to make sure that the information that is collected in Quality plan is accurate.
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